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Protecting your home and avoiding expensive repairs is what a lot of homeowners worry about.  Replacing your whole roof can be expensive.  Making roofing repairs can avoid the high cost of replacing your roof and damage to your home.  At D.A.S. we are professionals at detecting any roof, or possible, issues.  It’s about time you put your mind at ease.  Call us today to get started on any roofing repairs your home has.


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At D.A.S. we take pride in the workmanship that is put into every one of our jobs.  Unlike the other guys we do not cut corners.  We thoroughly inspect your roof to find any repairs that are needed.  The quality of our work, our professionalism and efficiency have been at work at DAS for over 38 years and counting.  We have done thousands of roofing jobs in the Jamison PA area and have a lot of experience under our belts.  You can count on us to spot and fix any roofing repairs your home needs.

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Roofing inspections is a service we offer for our customers.  With an inspection from any of our experienced staff members you can be sure that any of your roofing issues will be addressed.  Constant maintenance and inspections on your roof will prevent any issues early on before they become big problems.  Even though you may think your roof is fine it does not hurt to get a professional opinion.  We have been inspecting roofs in the community for years and we know exactly what to look for and how to repair any roof.


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In PA the weather and the elements take huge tolls on roofs.  During any storm you rely on your roof to protect your home but some storms can bring serious damages to your roofs.  Not only do storms bring damage to your roof but so can aging, flashing and excess moisture.  Our staff is highly trained to find the cause of your damaged roof and repair it.  Whether you have a commercial or residential roof repair D.A.S. can handle it all.  We have the most up to date tools and the highest quality materials to get the job done.


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At D.A.S. we are experts and can answer any questions you may have about your roof.  Whether you have a leak or just need an inspection we will quickly respond to your needs.  Constant maintenance and inspections are important for the longevity of your roof.  Call today to schedule your free estimate.

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